Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday Night Baking Adventures

Scott's birthday was on Thursday. Let's just say we were all a little out of it on Friday. Instead of going out and doing anything on Friday night, Scott, our friend Shea, and I just stayed in and watched Act of Valor. Side note-watch this movie! It's absolutely amazing videography and will make you want to hug a member (past or present) of the armed services!

So we were just about to settle in and watch the movie, when Scott looks at me and says "Why don't we have cookies right now?" So I decided to make some since I had almost everything necessary on hand. I made Snickerdooles and Chocolate Chip Cookies. Somehow, something went wrong with the Snickerdooles. They taste okay, but the consistency is all wrong. I know something was wrong even before they went into the oven because I couldn't roll them into balls. It just stuck to my hands! Oh well! The Chocolate Chip Cookies were great--I used half chocolate chip, half peanut butter chips!

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