Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wheat Thin Cookies

These cookies are a Christmas tradition around our house. My mom has made them every year, and they are Scott's favorite cookies! This year, as one of my Christmas gifts, I made a bunch of cookies for someone's present (he's a dessert fiend). Scott asked that I try making my mom's cookies, and I knew exactly what he meant right away!

I now know why my mom only makes these once a year. They are very putsy to make. Like take a lot of time and repetition. In the end, it's totally worth it, but you want to be sitting at a good table with a good movie on or music or something! As always with classic recipes, I felt like mine just didn't turn out as good as my mom's, but we got the jist of it!

Also, as you'll tell from the recipe, it's not very technical...

Wheat Thin Cookies
Total Time: 30 minutes-1 hour, depending on how many you make

  • 24 ounces white or milk chocolate almond bark
  • 1 large box wheat thins
  • 1 jar peanut butter
In a microwave safe bowl, break up the almond bark slightly. Melt in microwave in 30 second increments, stirring in between. 

Meanwhile, take one wheat thin cracker, place a thin layer of peanut butter, and top with another wheat thin cracker. Repeat with the rest of the crackers. 

Dip the cracker sandwiches into the melted almond bark until covered on both sides. Place and let cool and harden on a wax paper lined baking sheet. Keep refrigerated in an air tight container.
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