Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Plastic bag dispenser

I do my best to always take reusable bags so I don't have plastic bags everywhere (plus-it's bad for the environment). However, every once in awhile I stop on my way home and don't have the bags with me. Instead of just throwing them away, I usually just throw them in another bag, and then we use them for garbage.

I've seen this plastic bag dispenser idea on Pinterest for awhile now. I honestly don't remember which website I found the instructions for, so I don't have anything to credit at the moment. If I find it again, I'll be sure to update.

The longest part of this is getting the bags flattened out and folded. Rolling everything up to go in the jar is quick and easy!

Plastic bag dispenser

  • Jar or empty disposable wipes container
  • As many plastic bags as you want to put in the dispinser
Take each plastic bag and fold in half, making sure all the air is out. Lay on a flat surface. Repeat with remaining bags. Line up the bags, but the only overlapping part should be the handles. When all bags are flattened, start at the last one and roll tightly. Once you get to the next bag in line, roll in the bag. For the first one the handle will be what sticks out. Place rolled up bags into a jar or empty container.

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